Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Guitar Teacher

From Guitar International

Kelly Hayes Interview

By: Angela Villand

Allele (pronounced Uh leel) is Wally Wood (vocals), Mason Romaine (guitar), Giancarlo Autenzio (drums), Tim Tobin (bass), and Kelly Hayes (guitar). All of these musicians, formerly known only to each other as “local boys” that once played in various bands around the Jacksonville, Florida area, comprise a group of incredibly sharp, talented musicians that deliver a clear message that rock n roll is not a joke, nor is it dead. After their first CD, Point of Origin, there were tours, followed by Wally’s departure, then a regrouping of the lineup with Wally’s return and Lane’s departure.

Now Allele is back and stronger than ever, with a new guitarist (Mason) in tow as well, bringing a “fresh coat of paint” to the house, so to speak. Their new CD, Next To Parallel, with a final release date pegged for August 16, 201l, is 13 tracks of straightforward, enjoyable rock music, adequately seasoned with impressive guitar intro’s, dense and hypnotic bass music, guitar solos and vocal melodies that you’ll find yourself singing along to in no time. Allele’s singer-songwriter, Wally, says we can expect “pure, intelligent, fun, well-structured, bad-ass hard rock music.”

With the first single “What I Get” expected around the 21st of June, the CD is available right now for Pre-Order on and you’ll find various packages to choose from, some including the CD with a poster or a t-shirt or both for a modest price that’s an actual savings if you were to buy the items separately.

What is an Allele, you ask?


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